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Herriman finalizes new Parks Master Plan

Feb 11, 2020 11:48AM ● By Justin Adams

This area will become a new Herriman city park, complete with trailheads and a playground. (Justin Adams/ City Journals)

By Justin Adams | [email protected]

During its Jan. 8 meeting, the Herriman City Council formally adopted a new Parks Master Plan. What exactly is included in a Parks Master Plan?

For one, the plan identifies how much more park space will be needed as the city continues to grow. City leaders anticipate reaching a “buildout” population of more than 115,000 around the year 2060. To avoid overcrowding current park resources, additional park space over that period of time.

“The National Parks and Rec Association recommends 10 acres per thousand residents, and Herriman is just under 4 acres per thousand,” said Parks and Rec Director Wendy Thomas. “But we have over 2,400 acres of open space, which is also accessible to our residents. We feel like just under four is about right.” 

To be exact, the Master Plan specifies a rate of 3.71 acres of park space per 1,000 residents. With the prospect of an eventual city of 115,000 people, that translates to about 426 total acres of park space. Currently, the city is about halfway there with 214.3 acres of park space.

So where will that 212 acres of park space come from?

One project which Thomas said the department is particularly excited about is the Juniper Canyon Recreation Area, a 70-acre natural ravine that runs east to west and crosses underneath Mountain View Corridor. The city has received a $1.1 million grant from Salt Lake County in order to develop the area, with features such as trailheads for connecting trails and a playground.

Another park in the works is the L&L Hamilton Park, which will be located at 6400 West, 13400 South. According to Thomas, that park will include the city’s first all-inclusive park (includes equipment that is accessible by children of all abilities) and is set to open this summer. 

Other notable planned parks include a 6.8-acre dog park, a 43-acre sports park in the northwest corner of the city and an almost-100-acre regional park located in the southeast portion of the city near Porter Rockwell Boulevard.

One of the key recommendations from the plan’s executive summary is for the city to “conduct a feasibility study for constructing and operating an outdoor swimming pool,” something that Thomas said residents have been asking for. 

The Parks Master Plan also encompasses the city’s trail system. The city currently has about 49.2 miles of existing trails and projects to add 124.2 additional miles. 

“We will complete our Midas Creek and Rose Creek trails,” Thomas said. “Those will be great connectors for people up in the Cove Area as well as down here in Copper Creek. We’re really excited to get those open.” 

How much is all this going to cost? The plan estimates that if the city were to build all the parks and finish all the trails it has laid out by 2060, it would cost an estimated $132 million. Whether all of the planned parks and trails get built, only time will tell. 

“Our residents love our parks and trails and open space,” Thomas said. “We have a very active and young demographic here. Parks are just really great for mental health, for physical health; they get people out and active. They’re a great way to bring the community together. They provide a respite from what has become a very busy technology-filled world.”



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