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Change to fire service fee aims to keep tax dollars in Herriman community

Nov 24, 2020 01:08PM ● By Justin Adams

A new fire service area means more tax dollars will stay in the Herriman community, which, for example, could be used to replace the deteriorating fire station on Main Street. (Justin Adams/The City Journals)

By Justin Adams | [email protected]

Changes are coming to fire service within Herriman city, though it should be one that Herriman residents only see in their quality of service, not in their wallets.

Herriman currently is part of the United Fire Service Area, a taxing entity that collects revenue from property tax, then contracts with the Unified Fire Authority to provide services to those communities. Due to the city’s rapid growth, it has reached a point where it is contributing more money to the UFSA than it is receiving in services from UFA, a difference of about $1.5 million over the past five years according to city Finance Director Alan Rae. 

In response, the city is moving to leave UFSA and form a new taxing entity that will fund its contract with UFA. 

“It will be the same rate,” Assistant City Manager Tami Moody said. “It will just show up as a different entity on residents’ property tax forms.”

So while the amount an individual Herriman homeowner pays won’t change, the money will now be staying in the Herriman community. 

The additional funds could be used to pay for the construction of one or more new fire stations to provide better response times in a city that continues to expand more and more each year.

Leaving UFSA means the city will now contract directly with UFA. City Attorney Chase Andrizzi said they’ve been guaranteed the same rate from UFA, which is about $370,000 per month. He also said that Herriman’s continued growth will strengthen the city’s bargaining power. 

Andrizzi said the city expects to finalize the move by the end of the year or possibly early next year. The creation of the new taxing district will also require a Truth in Taxation hearing next summer, during which residents can voice their opinions on the change. 

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