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Reeling in some fun at Herriman’s Cove pond

Apr 01, 2021 02:13PM ● By Julia Partain

By Julia Partain | [email protected]

A trip to the neighborhood fishing hole with pole and tackle box in hand has become a popular get-out-of-the-house destination and welcomed distraction. Luckily, for Herriman residents, young anglers can join the community fishing program aimed to help youth learn how to fish over the course of six classes.

“The program was designed by the Division of Wildlife to promote the outdoors,” said Karen Nukaya, events and recreation supervisor for Herriman City. “It's bringing families and others together to enjoy the sport of fishing.”  

Located at 7200 West 14200 South, the 1.2-acre pond has a fish-cleaning station and is handicapped accessible. There are nearby restrooms, gazebos, picnic areas, grills, trail system and playground.

“The Cove had originally been planned to include a fishing component in an effort to introduce kids living in our urbanized setting to their outdoor resources,” said Assistant City Manager Tami Moody. “It teaches kids about fish and fishing, as well as patience and good communication.”

The Cove is considered a "put and take" pond, meaning the fish are meant to be taken home. It is stocked with Bluegill, channel catfish and rainbow trout, coming directly from the DOW hatchery. Lucky kids can catch and bring home two fish.

“This is done so that they can't reproduce and inter-breed with wild fish and modify the gene pool,” Nukaya said. “The DOW can control the fish populations.”  

Kids ages 5 to 18 are invited to sign up and learn the basics of fishing. Adults of all ages can also be taught the fundamentals.

“It has been very rewarding to watch them participate with confidence as they go out with their grandkids and children,” Nukaya said.

Volunteers drive this program and are essential. Nukaya said city personnel could not do the program without them. Anyone over 18 years who loves to fish and would like to teach children (and at times adults) are invited to donate their time and skills to eager anglers. Volunteers are able to bring their children to participate in the program. 

Teaching how to clean the fish is another popular activity.

“Kids all come running when it's time to clean a fish,” Nukaya said. “They are intrigued to see and learn about the anatomy of a fish.”

There is no shortage of stories from volunteers. Nukaya tells a story about the last day of class, celebrating with a fish fry and pizza.

“One of the boys insisted that if he caught a fish that we would cook it,” Nukaya said. “He caught one, and the instructor cleaned and fried it up. The boy ended up not liking it at all. It's funny to hear all the groaning, awing and the reactions from all the kids when they watched the fish being cleaned. Of course, they all wanted to be there to see.”

Sessions take place Thursday evenings at the Cove at Herriman Springs. Children of all ages will get the chance to learn how to fish from local fishing instructors for six weeks, beginning April 15, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The cost is $15 per child. Visit for more information.