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Herriman homes dress up for Halloween

Oct 04, 2021 12:10PM ● By Karmel Harper

by Karmel Harper | [email protected]

For many of us, throwing up a few spider webs and displaying jack-o-lanterns is the extent of our Halloween decor. But for a few of your local Herriman neighbors, the Halloween season transforms their home into a spine-tingling, scream-inducing, ghoulish experience for friends and neighbors to enjoy during the month of October. 

Mike and Jami Ramirez, who live on 13886 S Mary Loraine Circle in Herriman, may trigger your arachnophobia (fear of spiders) and coulrophobia (fear of clowns), as their home displays a giant spider and creepy clowns in addition to a graveyard, gruesome scenes of dismembered limbs, and spooky lighting. Jami said, “We set up the yard in a walk-through style so it is more of an experience. The most amazing part about it is interacting with people who come to view the display. It’s been such a neat experience to meet people from all over the valley.” 

Saxon Neibaur’s graveyard scene with 12-foot skeletons with glowing eyes and animatronics will be even larger than last year’s display. Although Neibaur expects it will take about 10 - 12 hours to set up, he said, “We are relatively new to this neighborhood and we have been doing a Halloween display for about 3 or so years. We plan to grow it every year.” The Neibaur home is on New Maple Dr. in Herriman. 

For a more whimsical, magical Halloween display free of gore and fright, visit Sarah Navarre’s home which is located at 13203 S Herriman Rose Blvd. A fan of fairytales, Navarre uses her natural flower garden of more than 49 rose bushes, grapevines, ivy, arbors, lavender, and herbs as a backdrop for her Witch’s Enchanted Cottage, complete with a hand-crafted sign that says, “The Witch’s Charmed Garden and Herb Shoppe.” Navarre’s display conveys a more elegant Halloween aesthetic with its colorful twinkle lights and the ethereal sounds of Enya playing in the background. Her home has been a Herriman Arts Council winner for Best Dressed Holiday House for both Halloween and Christmas. 

Navarre typically starts decorating her home around Sept. 17 to get it all up by Oct. 1, but she plans her display months in advance as she often crafts many of the items herself. Visitors to the Navarre home are invited to bring socks on behalf of The Road Home. Navarre said, “I added the gathering of socks last year as I wanted some aspect of giving included. Witches always wear cute striped socks, then I realized the homeless shelter needs socks almost more than anything else. So, we gathered socks last year and ended up with over 400 pairs to donate and keep all those toes warm in the winter. I'm continuing this effort again; both new and used socks in good condition are accepted and all sizes as many families are served at the homeless shelter.” 

This year, Navarre’s home will also include special guests like Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty, and Winnifred Sanderson. Navarre said, “I don’t have children but I love, love, love them visiting my house. I live here with my 15-year old dog, Buddy, and we use our endless creative talent to create something fun and memorable for those who come by.”

While these three Herriman homes will be in full Halloween mode this year, other residents plan to up their Halloween game next year. Brandon and Alecia Bryant’s home on South Oak Crossing Way currently displays lovely decor fitting for the season, but eventually, they plan to transform their home into Disney’s Haunted Mansion. The Bryants said, “Halloween is one of our most favorite holidays,especially at the Disney Haunted Mansion! So we thought it would be perfect to bring a piece of the Disney magic right to our home.” With such an ambitious vision for their home for their neighbors to enjoy for years to come, it is never too early to start planning.

To visit other Halloween homes in Utah, visit to view a map of venues.



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