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Life-sized Hot Wheels car surprises a Herriman birthday boy

Feb 22, 2022 08:47PM ● By Karmel Harper

Kolton Bitton’s 2012 Chevy Sonic brings joy to Mason Campbell. (Photo courtesy of Loretta Campbell)

By Karmel Harper | [email protected]

When Herriman’s Loretta Campbell asked perfect strangers who have cool cars to show up last-minute to her car-loving son’s 5th birthday party in January, she was blown away by the response.

“I had an outstanding response from people who would be willing to come out for him. A total of 14 cars showed up! Some sports cars and some vintage cars showed up. People came honking and waving. One car threw candy out to my son and his friends. One of the cars had a homemade ‘Happy 5th Birthday Mason’ sign on the side of the car. Some cars played music for him. Everyone was so kind!” Campbell said.  

Included in the line-up were Brent Nelson’s 1929 vintage Fargo car and Kolton Bitton’s 2012 Chevy Sonic electric blue “Hot Wheels” car. The car was originally his father’s daily vehicle, but slowly it evolved into a father-son build and eventually became a show car.

 “We made a custom front bumper for it with a Chrysler 300 grill, and the whole thing is a wrap. It turned into a Hot Wheels car because me and my dad are both big Hot Wheels fans,” Bitton said.

Bitton is accustomed to doing special events and enjoyed the kids’ reactions at Mason’s party.

“It was great. All the kids absolutely loved the car and I think it really made his birthday one to remember,” Bitton said.

But the true measure of success came from Mason himself. When he saw the cars, he said, “This is my surprise?!? Wowww! Cool cars!”


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