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Portrait of an outstanding graduate

May 29, 2022 01:24PM ● By Jet Burnham

By Jet Burnham | [email protected]

Principal Melissa McPhail selected Michael Scott as Providence Hall High School’s outstanding graduate because he is very well-rounded.

Michael balanced rigorous International Baccalaureate classes, playing a school sport each season and being actively involved in school activities.

With a 4.0 GPA, he earned an Academic Letter, Orchestra Letter and four sports letters all four years of high school and was named Academic All State for football, basketball, track and orchestra.

What does a straight-A, International Baccalaureate student, who is a five sport athlete, advanced violinist and an eagle scout look like?

He is the player with the uniform stained with blood, dirt and grass.

“Michael always gave all he got and his heart when he played and during practice,” his mother Yvonne said.

He is the athlete that never quits, who believes how the game is played is just as important as winning, and who leads on and off the field.

“We would not have had incredible progress each season without his athleticism and his influence on the rest of the team,” football coach Jake Hardcastle said.

He is the humble athlete who, because he wasn’t the tallest or biggest, earned his place as starting quarterback and starting point guard through his speed, strength, spirit and determination.

“Michael Scott is the student athlete everyone wants the chance to work with,” Hardcastle said. “He honestly is a rare gem as he is one of the best athletes, works the hardest, and is the most humble yet stays hungry.”

He is the hard worker.

“I never like being bad at anything I do, so it drives me to try and get better and excel,” Michael said. “I just don't like disappointing myself.”

He is the optimist.

“I admire his ability to keep a positive attitude and persevere,” IB math teacher Loree Rominger said. “It doesn't matter how difficult a situation may seem, he is ready to solve the problem with a smile on his face.”

“Every teacher and student knows Michael and looks forward to the smile he gives every day as he walks into the classroom,” Hardcastle said.

He is the student who arrives late to class because he stopped to help another student.

He is the young man, firm in his religious beliefs, that is always thinking of others, defending the bullied and supporting the discouraged.

“I just try and do what's right based on what I believe and feel,” Michael said.


He is the student studying by the light of his phone on the long bus ride home from a football game.

“I've always wanted to maintain a 4.0 throughout high school and everyone told me going through IB that would be hard to maintain, but I just put in all my effort to make it happen and it did,” Michael said. “In my sports and in school, I’ve learned that if I just use maximum effort, then I can accomplish what I set my mind to.”

He is the kid at school that others look up to.

“Michael is a great student and person,” Rominger said. “He is actively involved in our school culture, friendly and kind to everyone he interacts with, and respectful in every way. In both the classroom and on his team sports, I have seen leadership skills in Michael that help to encourage those around him to do better and be better as students, athletes and humans. He is the perfect representative for who we want as a Providence Hall Patriot.”

He is grateful and humble.

“I'm glad for my parents and teachers and all my coaches for helping me be who I am,” Michael said.

Michael is the 2022 graduate who will serve a mission for his church and then attend Southern Utah University to study sports medicine to become an orthopedic
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