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Herriman High outstanding graduate: Making an impact

May 29, 2022 01:26PM ● By Jet Burnham

By Jet Burnham | [email protected]

2022 graduate Lexi Jensen has made a big impact during her three years at Herriman High School.

“As an educator, we always hope our students become self-motivated and perform to their maximum potential,” Principal Todd Quarnberg said. “I believe Lexi has always done what it takes to become successful even at the expense of her own time.”

Lexi graduated with a 4.0 GPA. She maintained her good grades while serving in student government and competing in HHS softball, basketball and track.

Her proud parents, Lyndsay and Shane Jensen, said their daughter thrives on being productive.

“She sets a really high bar for herself,” Lyndsay Jensen said. “She is one of the most driven people I know. She will spend whatever time it takes to accomplish whatever goal she has set out for herself.”

HHS basketball coach Kent Smith said Lexi has had a big impact on the team.

“She’s a rare find,” he said. “For the last three years, Lexi has been one of the best players, if not the best player. She has been the hardest worker and she's done everything she could to make our team very cohesive to play together and make sure everybody felt involved and valued.”

During her four years on the HHS basketball team, the team won eight play-off games, making it to the state championship game her junior year and the final four her senior year. Previous to Lexi and Smith’s arrival in 2019, the team had never won a playoff game.

Lexi made the all-state basketball team three years in a row. This year, she was named the region co-MVP and was invited to play in the state 6A all-star game, in which she was the leading scorer.

Lexi made an impact as a leader, serving as the manager of the cross country track team her sophomore year and as the captain of the basketball team for three years.

“She is a leader of leaders and an example of hard work as a true student athlete,” Quarnberg said. “She has the rare ability to lead from the front of her team, by laying out a plan and giving her team motivation and expectations. She is equally talented at leading from behind, by supporting team members when they falter or fall.”

Lexi also served in student government positions including student body vice president this past year.

She said getting involved in school activities to meet people impacted her high school experience.

“When I first came to Herriman High School, I didn't really know anyone and it took me a few months to adjust,” Lexi said. “But now it's my senior year and I feel like I know so many people at school. I've been able to try and make a difference as best as I can and just be a positive influence in people's lives. I'm just most proud of the person that I'm becoming because of my experiences. I've become a better leader. I've come to know myself better because of that as well. And I just met some really great people that have really changed my life. I just really like making connections with people. I think the reason I thrived in high school is because I like meeting new people and learning from them.”

Student government adviser Michael Wilkey said Lexi’s background in sports impacts her leadership style.

“She hustles, takes pride in her work, she’s humbly confident, and she’s an amazing person,” he said. “Lexi deserves all the praise and recognition because she embodies all the best qualities we hope to see in our students.”

He said Lexi’s school pride is contagious and her dedication to the school and her peers has had a positive impact on the student body.

“She’s approachable, easy-going, fun, genuinely kind, and she makes people feel like a million bucks,” he said. “Everyone who has ever met Lexi instantly thinks she’s awesome.”

Her mom is proud of how Lexi has made the most of her high school experience, working hard and being kind to others. She said these experiences will impact the rest of her life.

“I just think that the last three years and the things that she's gone through have been really life-changing for her and some pretty great life lessons that are just going to help continue to benefit her as an adult in everything that she does,” Lyndsay Jensen said. “She'll definitely relate back to these experiences and how they shaped her into who she is today.”

Lexi’s loyalty to the school and her support of her peers has had an impact on the school culture.

“Lexi has become a big part of setting standards and building a culture of trust here at Herriman,” Quarnberg said. “Her influence will be felt for years.”

She has also had a big impact on Quarnberg.

“I know principals should not have favorite students, but Lexi is one of mine,” Quarnberg said. “To be bold, I would place Lexi Jensen among the top five students I have worked with in my 32 year career. Whatever Lexi chooses to pursue as a career, she will make a huge impact on those she works with because she puts people at ease. Lexi's kindness creates an atmosphere where others have confidence in what she has to say, or in what she has to do.”

Lexi’s influence will expand to Southern Utah University, where she will play on their basketball team. She plans to major in physical education with a minor in coaching and teaching and to make an impact as a high school health and P.E. teacher.

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