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Local life coach encourages others to ‘put on new words’

Dec 02, 2022 01:05PM ● By Rachel Aubrey

By Rachel Aubrey | [email protected]

Around the holiday season we hear words like gratitude, thankfulness and appreciation. South Jordan resident and business owner Becky Jane Kemp has been intentionally trying to “put on” those words all year long. Kemp, who is a wife, mom and life coach, believes that words have a transformative effect on each of us. Her formula is called The Word Effect, which according to her website, Becoming with Becky, is “a simple framework for creating the life you secretly desire one word at a time.”

The journey for Kemp began in a very personal way. Approximately 10 years ago, Kemp admitted she wasn’t living her true passion and dealt with anxiety and depression.

“I was the mother of five amazing boys, I had been married to my high school sweetheart, I lived in a comfortable home and had all my needs met, and enjoyed many of my wants,” Kemp said. “Life was good…so why wasn’t it?”

She recalled feeling a distinct impression to “change your words and you can change your life.” It was that impression that initially led her to start a positive t-shirt and apparel business in 2015 called Becoming Threads. But selling t-shirts wasn’t the ultimate goal. After several years of selling t-shirts at local boutiques, Kemp decided to invest more time into where her dreams lie.

In 2019 she began working on an outline for her first book and became certified as a life coach through the National Speaker’s Association. The focus of the book is patterned after Kemp’s belief that if we change the words we use to describe ourselves and our circumstances, we can live our most beautiful lives. Kemp said that the book project was the first time she invested in herself, paying money for a local writing coach and editor. The book is set to be released in January 2023.

Kemp admits that she is not a licensed psychologist, however, as a life coach she has been able to help her clients with the simple, weekly reminders that help set them on a path towards positivity and productivity. Kemp believes that individuals have the power within them, she just helps people find the starting point. She compared her role as a life coach to a physical trainer.

“Life coaching is the exercise for the mind,” Kemp said. “I’m just giving the blueprint of how to move your story forward.”

Small business owner Christy Smith has been doing one-on-one coaching sessions with Kemp for a year and a half. Smith made the decision to branch out on her own two years ago with Paramount Tax and Accounting Herriman. There were obstacles relating to small business, as there usually are.

“When I met her, I just knew that that was what my next step needed to be to help me with my business,” Smith said.

Working together to put on words like acknowledgement and acceptance, words that Kemp highlights in her book, Kemp has helped Smith to refocus her thoughts every week and to recognize that thoughts drive feelings. By focusing on words such as, “I’m able to succeed in my business,” Smith said although she is a female in a male dominated industry, she has doubled her business in a year.

In November 2020, as a birthday present to herself, Kemp began recording a weekly podcast, The Word Effect. Episodes are no longer than 20 minutes and are filled with positive and uplifting content. Within the year 2022, she held two “Gathering” retreats for women in St. George and Heber, where participants were able to celebrate, connect and create.

At this year’s Utah Pinner’s Conference held in early November, Kemp taught a class entitled “How to awaken your positive potential.”

“I want to help people see the power to change their story and create more of what they want is within them,” Kemp said.

For more information about the book release, to sign up for the newsletter, to download her free e-book or for public speaking inquiries, visit her website at


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