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Change to Herriman’s citywide fiber optic plan

Dec 01, 2023 09:51AM ● By Elisa Eames
The Herriman Journal wishes to update the story entitled, “Herriman to build citywide fiber-optic network,” which appeared in the November printed edition and online. “[The] most recent financial estimates show a significantly higher bond interest rate, overall cost, and required minimum subscription rate [for the citywide network] than earlier projections showed,” city officials explained. “As the city continues to look into the best financing mechanism, it will monitor the market’s interest rates and update cost projections in coming months.” Again, no taxes will be used to fund the network. For more information, visit 

All West Communications has been granted permits to install fiber-optic network cable for its private business operations, similar to Centurylink, Comcast, or any other private company, but they are not affiliated with Herriman, and this is not the same as the city’s plan to create a citywide publicly-owned network. λ

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