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Herriman districts reelect city council members

Jan 05, 2024 09:46AM ● By Elisa Eames

Steven Shields retained his city council seat in District 4. (Herriman City)

Jared Henderson remains the city council member for District 1. (Jared Henderson)

In the only two races on the ballot, residents of Herriman Districts 1 and 4 reelected their respective city council members, Jared Henderson and Steven Shields, on Nov. 21, 2023. The incumbents faced off against challengers Chris Roberts for District 1 and Matt Bello for District 4. Henderson garnered 834 votes (54.44%) compared to Roberts’ 698 votes (45.56%), and Shields earned 904 votes (65.55%) against Bello’s 475 (34.45%). Just shy of a quarter—24.33%—of the 6,337 registered voters in District 1 cast their ballots while only 21.07% of 6,570 registered voters in District 4 weighed in. “I am grateful for everyone that turned out to vote in the district,” Bello commented. Election results were certified Dec. 5.

The 2023 Salt Lake County General Election was conducted primarily by mail. Ballots were mailed to all registered voters in or around October. Ballots could be returned via drop boxes or by mail if postmarked no later than Nov. 20. Early and in-person election-day voting options were also available. Herriman City used social media and other platforms to encourage residents to vote, directing them to the city website’s election page. This page provided general information, including ballot drop box locations, election-day voting locations, candidate information, voter registration details, sample ballots and helpful links. The city also hosted a “Meet the Candidates” night on Oct. 24 to allow constituents to hear from the contenders themselves. For those who missed it, a video of this event was also available on the city’s elections page.

After the election, Roberts and Bello each recognized their supporters. “I was happy to see so many people in the 18-30 age group [vote] as well. Probably thanks to Taylor Swift,” Bello joked. He acknowledged, “We have a great mayor now… It would’ve been great working with [the mayor and Councilmember Hodges].” Bello is undecided about running again in 2027. Roberts offered his own praise. “I would like to give my deep appreciation to my wife, children, family and everyone who supported me along the way. This last year was a great experience… I am also very grateful… for all those who voted for me…,” he stated. “Looking forward, I plan to be involved wherever I can serve… Our future is bright… I encourage everyone to continue to support our city by attending community events, volunteering…, supporting our local businesses and watching out for all of our neighbors.”

Shields expressed gratitude for his victory. “I am incredibly honored to represent my friends and neighbors for the next four years,” he said. So far, he is most proud of housing and business improvements. “We’ve been able to lower densities, prioritize infrastructure ahead of development and improve the housing mixes... We’ve made progress in growing business and services…,” he said. 

During his upcoming term, he has pledged to “ responsible growth and decisions that respect landowners' rights to develop while also maintaining our quality of life.” Shields has also committed to fostering diplomacy. “I will continue to advocate for collaboration and cooperation with all of the parties in our city to reach mutually beneficial outcomes,” he added.

Likewise, Henderson offered his appreciation. “I love helping my friends and neighbors. I have been able to help many people with issues that affect their daily lives. It has been difficult… but very rewarding in the end,” he said. Henderson believes that his most significant contribution has been his involvement in the inception of the Herriman Police Department. “The biggest [accomplishment] has to be figuring out the finances of UPD and finding the legal path to get out from under them…,” he said. “It took more than two years just to figure out the financial labyrinth and the legal constraints…” 

One of his biggest concerns for the future also pertains to city finances. “...My focus is squarely on the long-term financial well-being of the city and the essential services it provides,” he explained. “[Including] balancing land use (tax base and service requirements) and working with surrounding municipalities, entities, etc. to improve recreational and employment opportunities in this area…”

One thing the four candidates would agree on is that local involvement is critical. “The best way to make things better is to engage in the process,” Henderson said. “Please, please, please, contact me with any needs, concerns or questions.” Each member of the City Council encourages constituents to reach out to them and get involved in the community. λ

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