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Herrimanology podcast back on track

Feb 05, 2024 03:10PM ● By Peri Kinder

The Herrimanology Podcast, with Mayor Lorin Palmer shown here speaking on a recent episode, helps residents stay up to date with city issues. New episodes are dropped every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify, the city’s YouTube channel and the Herriman City website. (Courtesy Herriman City)

Herriman residents have a new way to get information from the city with the updated and revamped Herrimanology Podcast. 

Hosted by Jonathan LaFollette, Herriman communications manager, new podcasts drop each Thursday covering topics that help residents stay informed. The podcast features conversations with Mayor Lorin Palmer or Herriman City Councilmembers to educate residents on topics like snow plowing, housing and parking ordinances.

“People like podcasts…and people like video podcasts, so we started adding a video element this year,” LaFollette said. “Our podcast episodes are shorter than they used to be. We’re trying to keep it under 15 minutes, closer to 10 if possible. With our renewed focus, we’re trying to hit multiple topics in each episode, simply talking about whatever’s happening.”

The Herrimanology podcast first launched in 2021 but paused last year to refocus and recreate the podcast’s intention. When it started up again in January, the official podcast for Herriman City had a defined purpose and mission: to educate, inform and answer questions from the public. 

Listeners can find the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify, the city’s YouTube channel and the Herriman City website. 

LaFollette said he wants feedback from residents on what they want to hear on the show, or how the podcast can be improved. Listeners can contact LaFollette at [email protected].

“One of our intentions with this new format is to be real with people, talking about the things that they care about and talking about the things that they’re talking about,” he said. “If they have complaints or if they hear rumors, we’ll do what we can to reach them where they are and answer questions that people have. We don’t want to dance around things.”

Although the podcast isn’t scripted, some topics coming up for future episodes include what’s happening in this legislative session and how it affects the city, a recap of important topics covered in city council meetings and any seasonal issue, like snow plowing, water restrictions or upcoming events. 

“I think people have reasonable expectations that their government is modern,” LaFollete said. “The government can be complicated but there’s a way we can get information out in a way that’s understandable and on platforms that [residents] are already using. It’s our philosophy to do our job better in getting information from them, getting information to them, answering questions and being accountable.” λ

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