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Celebrating the 2024 Outstanding Educators of the Year

Jun 04, 2024 10:07AM ● By Jet Burnham

Herriman High School’s 2024 Outstanding Educator of the Year Randall Kammerman is celebrated by members of the Jordan Education Foundation, board of education and Superintendent Dr. Anthony Godfrey. (Photo courtesy Jordan Education Foundation)

The Jordan Education Foundation’s 2024 Outstanding Educators of the Year winners demonstrate a passion for teaching, bringing out the best in their students and supporting their colleagues.

Herriman High School’s Outstanding Educator of the Year Randall Kammerman has been inspiring business and marketing students for 12 years with his mantra “Make it Happen.”

Colleagues said they are impressed with his innovation as he creates relevant, real-world and practical lessons that give students a deep understanding of business and marketing concepts. 

“There aren’t many teachers that spend as much time improving his students’ experience than Mr. Kammerman,” a colleague said. “He runs the biggest club in the school and creates experiences for the kids in DECA that will transcend their time at Herriman High School. Kids leave this school better suited to enter the real world because of their interactions with Kammerman.”

Another colleague said, “I have never worked with someone who can teach, lead, respect, win and have fun everyday consistently.” 

Colleagues are also impressed with Kammerman’s care and dedication to building relationships with students.

“There isn’t anything Randy will not do to protect and care for his students,” a colleague said. “In return, Randy’s students will do anything for him.” 

Another said, “He is the kind of teacher that no student ever forgets. Evidence of this is seen not only in the accomplishments of his former students, but how they return to serve as DECA judges or community members who give back to current students in the Herriman Business Program. Randy’s authenticity has created waves through Herriman High School as one of the best teachers to ever teach there.”

Kammerman said he loves running into former students.

“My favorite part of being a teacher is when I see kids 5-10 years from when I had them, and they tell me about their lives and where they are at,” he said. “That’s the best part.”

Fort Herriman Middle School’s Outstanding Educator of the Year McKay Probert agrees that building relationships with students is one of the best parts of teaching.

“I love helping students recognize their potential in pushing through hard things and understanding just how much worth each individual has,” he said.

He was touched by the comments from the co-workers, administrators, former students and parents who nominated him for the award.

Taylor Pugmire, a former student, wrote, “Mr. Probert is one of the few teachers throughout my academic career (elementary, middle, high school and now college) who has left a significant impact on my life. He truly cares for each student and goes out of his way to address their personal needs. He has been more than just a teacher! He has also been a mentor, guide and even life coach. He is incredibly patient and promotes accountability among his students. Mr. Probert exemplifies all the desirable qualities of a successful teacher and continues to touch the hearts of his students. I’m incredibly grateful for him and all of his effort in helping me achieve success!”

Probert said receiving the award was humbling but gave him a boost of energy and motivation.

“Being recognized helps me on challenging days remember that I can do these things and I am appreciated,” he said.

Irais Reed, Herriman Elementary’s Outstanding Educator of the Year, is a third-grade teacher in the Spanish Dual-Language Immersion program.

“I love how Irais educates her pupils,” Principal Bobbie Nixon said. “She has a repertoire of tricks to make the journey of growth immersive and captivating. She has impeccable planning strategies. Irais has self-efficacy and confidence that allows her to foster high-quality education.”

Nixon said the students’ performance on the RISE standardized test demonstrates Reed’s effectiveness as a teacher. All of her students are on-level and well above the district and state averages.

“Maestra Reed is a motivator,” Nixon said. “She relentlessly bolsters the students to believe they can do anything. She increases their perimeter of hope and stretches their minds correspondingly.” 

Reed’s colleagues also feel immense support from her. 

“Irais is a team player,” a colleague said. “She will step-up and step-in whenever a colleague needs support personally and professionally.”  

They reported that she immediately stepped in to support coworkers who have had car accidents or lost loved ones.

Parents also commented on Reed’s compassionate nature.

A parent, whose four children have been in Reed’s class, said, “She has a compassionate heart that reaches the children she teaches. She helps them feel special and motivated. She is in the profession because she genuinely loves her students and has a desire to see each one learn and grow, academically as well as personally. She is a fantastic teacher who goes the extra mile for her students, and I am so glad my kids have had the chance to be in her classroom.”

Reed is known for going all out on school spirit dress-up days and for organizing engaging, educational activities such as a manufacturing fair, dance festival, annual tree planting on the school campus and an annual service project.

Reed said she feels it is a privilege to be a teacher, because through building relationships, she is able to leave her imprint on the world by inspiring her students to create a better future.

“Each smile, each story shared, reinforces my love for teaching, reminding me of the impact we have on each other’s lives,” Reed said. “These are the moments that breathe life into my passion, fueling my dedication to not just educate, but to connect, inspire and celebrate the unique journey of every student. It is this daily celebration of shared humanity and curiosity that makes teaching such an unparalleled joy for me.”

All 67 Jordan Education Foundation Outstanding Educators of the Year were celebrated with a surprise visit from members of the JEF, the Jordan board of education, community leaders and family members. They received balloons, a cash prize, and congratulatory yard signs to display in front of their school and their home. The top 18 winners (highlighted in bold below) were celebrated at a banquet in April. λ

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